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Kill customer churn, increase retention and drive conversions with Feedbackly’s Customer Experience platform. Pinpoint and fix problems at any customer touchpoint in real-time. We’ve got your back.

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Tired of losing leads?

Frustrated with dismal conversions?

You’ve built the perfect website  CSAT extremely satisfied

And it’s receiving ample traffic  CSAT Satisfied

But your new visitors are churning  CSAT dissatisfied

And your current customers aren’t coming back for more…  CSAT extremely dissatisfied

It’s not you, it’s your CX.
Feedbackly can help.

Feedbackly is the #1 Customer Experience software for multi-channel businesses, allowing you to automatically gather customer feedback and analyze your customers’ journey – all from one platform.


Tell me more about it

Customer journey automation

Join the CX Revolution


Feedbackly has collected 10 MILLION responses from over 10k Feedbackly users worldwide!

Our clients enjoy:

  • 10% increase in profits
  • 20% increase in avg. transaction value
  • 20x ROI

Optimize CX

Seeing is believing.
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A demo? Sounds time consuming…and weird

    • We know you’re busy; that’s why you can pick the time and day that works for you.
    • During the demo a CX specialist will show you how the platform works.
    • You’ll see how Feedbackly helps you create surveys, gathers feedback, responds to answers and executes reporting to show you how customers are experiencing your brand.
    • There’s no sales pitch and you won’t be pressured to buy.
    • Ask any question and get a customized solution tailored to your company’s needs.
    • It’s quick, painless and FREE.

And we promise, it’s totally not weird.


Take a customized test-run with a CX specialist to see exactly what Feedbackly can do for your business.

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We’re helping industry leaders worldwide. We can help you too.

Feedbackly is the most powerful customer experience analytics and management tool on the market. It allows business owners like you to:

   FOLLOW YOUR CUSTOMERS – Monitor their customer journey throughout every CX touchpoint online or offline

   GET FEEDBACK INSTANTLY – Place customized, non-disruptive surveys at strategic checkpoints

   STOP CUSTOMER CHURN IN ITS TRACKS – Be alerted immediately at CX pain points

   BOLSTER CUSTOMER RETENTION & MAXIMIZE ROI – Turn one-time visitors into loyal customers

   TRANSFORM GREAT FEEDBACK INTO PROFIT – Enjoy increased customer acquisition thanks to glowing reviews and hard-hitting testimonials from satisfied customers


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Improving customers’ experiences with your business is important.
And here’s why:

More than 80% of happy customers are willing to provide reviews/ recommendations

Referred customers have a 16% higher lifetime value and greater ROI than others

Increasing customer retention rates by 5% can increase profits by 25% to 95% (Invespcro)

How can Feedbackly revitalize my company’s CX?
So glad you asked!

Design fresh, intuitive multichannel surveys featuring emojis, and/or questioning, and multiple-choice surveys your customers will actually enjoy completing.

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Multichannel customer surveys

Data and graphs that change in real time

Track and measure your CX performance in real-time with over 20 critical KPIs such as NPS, CSAT, and CES.

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Automatically collect valuable customer feedback online and offline and turn that feedback data into new leads, testimonials and opportunities to upsell.

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Order confirmation and CSAT survey

Customer journey automation

Learn what makes each customer tick when you combine experience data with transactional and operational data, allowing you to modify your CX approach.

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Never let a customer slip through the cracks with ”act instantly” notifications which alert you to customer churn.

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Get real-time notifications and take action quickly


“With Feedbackly, we have been able to set and monitor new KPIs, take new actions, and improve our service and customer attention at the branch level.”


José Enrique Treviño Cervantes, Innovation Director @ Banregio

But I’m not a tech person…
No worries! We’ll walk you through it.


With Feedbackly, the #1 Customer Experience software for multi-channel businesses, you’ll be able to gather customer feedback and analyze your customers’ journey – all from one platform.

  • Publish your surveys anywhere and everywhere – embedded surveys, website popups, URL link, SMS, email, QR-code
  • Get access to powerful, real-time analytics that you can understand
  • Combine your experience data with transactional and operational data to do “deep dives” into data
  • Let us automatically organize your multi-touchpoint feedback collection and show you a real-time overview of your complete customer journey
  • Receive automatic notifications when issues arise from feedback
  • Understand your customers and learn what to fix, how to improve or when to upsell
  • Our dedicated CX Experts Team will help you build the CX program that fits your needs best
  • Access integrations with the most popular platforms


Book your demo today and see how Feedbackly can help your company rock its Customer Experience.

risk-free We won't send you spam. EVER.