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Collect customer feedback on any touchpoint you can imagine – Automatically!

Feedbackly will take care of the technology and the UI for you so that you can concentrate on analysis. You are up and running in 5 minutes without a single line of code.

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Feedbackly Touchpoints


Our Terminal is perfect for brick & mortar locations and anywhere with high flow of customers. You can remote manage all of the devices through your dashboard and they are maintenance free!

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Collect data with any mobile device, large or small. Feedbackly scales on any screen and can be operated on iOS, Android and most other operating systems.

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Share links to the channel you already have or e.g. internally. Feedbackly works beautifully on any desktop and web browser.

Website widget

For those situations where feedback is critical. A website widget is a versatile and flexible way to collect data. You can decide how the pop up behaves based on what the person does on your website or eCommerce store.

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Automated email

You can use Feedbackly’s email engine to distribute your surveys via email automatically and build triggers and campaigns. See how your respondents react to campaigns and drive industry-leading conversion rates.

Automated SMS

Still today one of the most efficient ways to reach your customers is SMS. Automate campaigns and collect a high volume of data via our SMS engine.

Point of Sales

Easily collect data right after your customer has paid. No lines, no waiting just simple efficiency. Can be also integrated with tablets and touch screens near your point of sales.

Inside application

If you want to collect feedback data from your application, Feedbackly is a must! Create a feedback portal inside your application or collect feedback while customers use your application.

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