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Feedbackly offers you an easy way to measure, manage and lead your citizen experience! Feedbackly automatically collects feedback from all your shareholders from people, public employees and companies so that you can concentrate on policies and making your city a better place to live.

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Cities That Work for Their Citizens

The most advanced cities, municipalities and public organizations create happier citizens


Citizen Experiences Are Built With Customer Journeys

Service Journeys

All public organisations have multiple customer and service journeys. Happiness is determined by how effortless and efficient these journeys are.

Digital Meets Physical

Each journey has elements of both digital and analog interaction. This makes it difficult for majority of public organisations to stay on track and make quick decisions.

 Stakeholder Dialogue

Multiple stakeholders from citizens to entrepreneurs to tourists create complex entities of experience that can be difficult to manage without the proper tools.



What do I get?

Happier Citizens

Above all else, happy citizens are the ones that create prosperity, companies, tax revenues, and tourism.

Motivated Employees

Improve your employee experience and motivate your employees.

Stay Up To Date

Get your weekly digest on your most important KPIs and stay up to date.

Instant Notifications

Get automatic notifications if something goes wrong in the service journeys and react instantly.

Develop Services

When you listen to your citizens, you have a chance to develop the services on their terms - not based on assumptions.

More Income

Citizen happiness correlates to economic prosperity. Boost domestic spending and increase tax revenue.

Improve Your Citizen Experience

As a public organization, your work is complicated. That is why you need a tool that keeps you up to date.


Citizens are the core of every society, city and municipality. If we can serve our people better, they will stay longer.



The employees of your organisations are the ones that make the experiences happen. They are your most important stakeholder.



A city would not live without their businesses. Stay on their pulse and develop the environment based on data.

All-In-One Tool For Citizen Experience

Measure, manage and automate customer/service journeys. From employees to citizens – and any other stakeholder.

Stay up to date on what’s going on in your city and create the happiest citizens in the world!


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With up to 1400 survey responses per week in Finnish, Swedish, and English, the City Of Helsinki is able to see what locals and tourists alike are saying about the city’s museums.

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