Case Tiger

Enhancing eCommerce through Feedback

Tiger is a Danish design store that was founded in 1995. It has nearly 600 shops in 27 countries. Tiger provides a fun shopping experience and Feedbackly helps them provide it in the future as well. Joacim Hallberg, Tiger's marketing coordinator in Finland, gave a more detailed description of their experiences with Feedbackly in our interview.

We started using Feedbackly in Tiger shops in summer 2015 and our experiences have been very good. The service is easy to use, and we haven't actually gotten any complaints. The amount of feedback is incredible compared to our other channels. With Feedbackly, we get hundreds of responses every day. I think this will also improve the clients' view on us.

How have you benefited of the feedback you've gotten?

We can compare differences between shops and online in feedback and get information about things to improve or verification for our assumptions. Based on this, we can think what we could do about things. We also collect feedback about our clients' background information, such as age and gender, and give our clients a chance to order our newsletter - hundreds of clients do that every month.

Benchmark levels of the industry's general average also interest us.